One of the world’s largest green energy projects

The Western Green Energy Hub is an ultra-scale renewable energy project that will generate around 50GW of electricity via upstream combined solar and wind.

This will enable more than 3.5 million tonnes of green hydrogen per year to be produced, for use in power generation, shipping fuel, minerals processing, and manufacturing.
While much of the product will be exported, WGEH will have the capability to supply bulk in-perpetuity electricity, hydrogen, and green fuels locally and regionally at low and stable costs.

Green hydrogen is a major part of the global solution to reach net zero emissions and is expected to be worth more than US$2.5 trillion by 2050.

Coastal Desert Plains

Located in the far southeast of Western Australia’s Goldfields region, the Western Green Energy Hub will harness the untapped renewable energy of the wind and sun. The site is favoured due to advantageous diurnal wind and sun profiles.

The site has an undulating landscape well-suited to the construction of the Western Green Energy Hub. The project will benefit from existing transcontinental rail and highway access.

A Legacy for all Australians

WGEH is a defining project locally, regionally, nationally and globally. The resulting benefits will be many and include, for example, a comprehensive regional environmental assessment, a new local labour market, domestic supply chains, downstream and upstream manufacturing, bulk export, new–style communities and the provision of public utilities.

The Mirning Traditional Owners will also benefit. With an equity stake in the project and a permanent seat on the Board, the Mirning people share directly in the project’s outcomes.

The shareholder relationship is formally founded on the precepts of mutual recognition, mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual obligation. The relationship sets new benchmarks for Australian First Nations Peoples, in nation-building outcomes, and greener futures.


December 2019
Project site selection
September 2020
Consultation with Mirning begins
December 2021
Lead Agency status granted
March 2022
Resource monitoring commences
End 2024
ILUA signing
Final investment decision