Clean Energy

from Mirning
Traditional Lands​

Leading with innovation

delivering with purpose

Western Green Energy Hub (WGEH) will play a role in reducing the impacts of climate change – generating clean energy without the need for greenhouse gas emissions and negative environmental effects.

The WGEH project is a partnership between the Mirning Traditional Owners and global leaders in ultra-scale renewable energy. It is setting new benchmarks, for example technical solutions for a project of scale and complexity, the approach to community and families, environmental assessment measures, respect for Indigenous culture, and inclusion and participation of First Nations peoples.

As a project phased over decades, WGEH will assist Australia to be a major global player in a zero-emissions future, as well as positively influence local, regional and national stakeholders over many generations.



Our vision is for large-scale generation and global distribution of green energy from Mirning traditional lands done in a manner that benefits everyone, everywhere, now and forever.

This bold vision will be delivered by a partnership between InterContinental Energy, CWP Global and Mirning Green Energy Limited; a commercial subsidiary of the Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation.

Together, we will create shared wellbeing on a healthy planet. 

Mirning Green Energy Limited logo in lime green and black featuring an image of a light bulb