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The Western Green Energy Hub (WGEH) is one of the largest green energy projects in the world and will stimulate local and regional communities and economies; share in a new era of nation-building; and contribute to a cleaner future for the planet.

The project is a partnership between the Mirning Traditional Owners and global leaders in ultra-scale renewable energy. It is setting new benchmarks, for example technical solutions for a project of scale and complexity, the approach to community and families, environmental assessment measures, respect for indigenous culture, and inclusion and participation of First Nations Peoples.

Its transformational power will take place across many generations and on-going collaboration with all key stakeholders will ensure beneficial outcomes are achieved.

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Corporate Charter

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Solar Panels


Wind Turbines


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Green Hydrogen

The Project Site

Our site covers fifteen thousand square kilometres of gently undulating, sparsely vegetated land that has rich natural wind and solar resources.



Our vision is for ultra-large-scale generation and global distribution of green energy from Mirning traditional lands done in a manner that benefits everyone, everywhere; now and forever.

This bold vision will be delivered by a partnership between InterContinental Energy, CWP Global and Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation.

Together, we will create shared wellbeing on a healthy planet. 


To find out more about the Western Green Energy Hub contact our Australia project office.

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