The WA
Mirning People

The WA Mirning People are the Traditional Owners of the lands in the South East region of Western Australia. 

These lands stretch from the SA/WA border to Caiguna in the West, and from the Great Australian Bight shorelines to the transcontinental rail lines in the North.

Rights, Recognition
and Respect

After 18 years in the courts, Native Title determination was handed to WA Mirning People by Justice Robertson on-country at Low Point on 24 October 2017.

The Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (MTLAC) is the registered native title representative body corporate that manages and protects the native title rights and interests of the WA Mirning People.  The corporation is governed by a 13-member board.

WGEH recognises and respects the deep spiritual connection of the WA Mirning People to their land and their culture.  Indeed, the on- going relationship with the WA Mirning People is fundamental to the success of the WGEH Project.

Uniquely, the WA Mirning People are recognised in the corporate framework of the project, via a shareholding and in a corporate charter which sets out the fundamental business purpose and core principles of the project. This is to enable the Mirning people to create shared wellbeing on a healthy planet. It also informs and supports open, honest and meaningful engagement and information sharing and transparency with the WA Mirning People.

Walking with the
Mirning People

The Mirning People are the Traditional Owners of the proposed WGEH project area and have deep spiritual connections to the land. Our understanding of this and our respect for Mirning culture is fundamental to the development of the project. 

Inclusion of Mirning Traditional Owners and their knowledge into all project undertakings is essential. Culturally appropriate project communications and deep consultation are crucial for mutual understanding and ongoing consent.

Mirning Traditional Owners are working with WGEH to identify significant cultural heritage values and sites. This has informed the establishment of an exclusion zone 15km north of the escarpment line, as well as the future planning and layout of infrastructure and facilities.

As early stage project planning progresses, WGEH is exploring opportunities for initiatives driven by Mirning culture and values, such as the returning to Country following dispossession, intergenerational opportunities for skills training and jobs, and on-Country land management.

Mirning Green Energy Pty Ltd

The Mirning People, through Mirning Green Energy Limited (MGEL), a commercial entity of the Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation (MTLAC), negotiated a significant minority shareholding of 10 per cent, with no financial contribution required until the project is approved. Upon approval, MGEL can choose to contribute to the project costs in order to retain its shares.

MGEL also has a permanent seat on the WGEH Pty Ltd Board.  

This shareholder agreement precedes, and is standalone from, the negotiation of the necessary Indigenous Land Use Agreement between the Mirning People and WGEH.

Mirning Green Energy Limited logo in lime green and black featuring an image of a light bulb